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Kenny Kirkland transcribed by fan

Hey, if it worked for Mozart


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Mónica Fadul


Written by the musician who posted this video:

"this solo is too much for me. How could Kenny Kirkland make this crazy and amazing stuff in a solo? He was a genius, his understanding and intuition were far, far away from the rest of the musicians. If trying to analyse what is happening, well, it just scares me. I hope to understand this in the future"

Here's what he said in response to "how long did it take you to learn this":

"don´t really know, but I was listening the solo part a lot for 2 weeks (like many hours a day), I could sing it. The hands part depends on the techniek of every player, but once you know the melody by heart it comes fast."

Musician: Mónica Fadul - Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NL

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