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The Roots of the Music

Rebuilding New Orleans
from the sound up


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Supporting young musicians


For a city, that never had more than half a million people, New Orleans has cranked out more music than entire countries.

The accomplishment is all the more remarkable when you realize that unlike cities like New York and Los Angeles that draw musicians from all over the country, New Orleans musical talent is almost entirely home grown.

So why is it that there are still children is this city of music who want to learn music, but who can't get an instrument or instruction?

How can that be?

It's a national disgrace. An international disgrace really when you think about the impact that New Orleans music has had on the world.

Until the near destruction of the city in 2005, New Orleans, in spite of all its challenges, held the line on music education for youth, but the city's peerless music education system was among the many victims of the federal levee failures.

Jazz fans are the likely to be the only people on earth to recognize the significance of this loss.

The city needs you help. If not now, when? If not you, who?

Info on how you can help: The Roots of Music

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