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Straighten up and fly right

Nat King Cole


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TSA out of the USA!


A message to the TSA from Jazz on the Tube: Straighten up and fly right.

Enough is enough. Cool down and get straight or we're not flying no more!

I love the line when the monkey says to the buzzard (the TSA): "Your story is
so touching but it sounds just like a lie."

I just opted NOT to fly round trip to Toronto (driving instead) because I don't believe
a word the TSA says...about the safety of the scanners or the legality of their searches.

My fellow Americans: Don't give up on your country. Shame the lunatics
who run it instead.


Dear Jazz on the Tuber subscribers

If you can think of other musical message we can send to the TSA, let us know by e-maii.


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