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In addition to providing the largest curated collection of classic jazz videos online, we also maintain the biggest directory of jazz clubs, jazz festivals and jazz studies programs on the Internet. We’ve also started an audio podcast program.

We also operate and and provide free technical services to

All free to you, but not free to us.

Between hosting, e-mail management, extra bandwidth charges, data storage costs, research and editorial, clerical, programming and customer service, our monthly nut comes to $1,500 a month or nearly $18,000 a year.

The ads we run help, but don’t cover the entire cost so if you’re inspired and able, we’re appreciative of any help you can send out way – as we are of all your support.

– Ken McCarthy, Lester Perkins,  and all our loyal volunteers and supporters

P.S. There are two ways to contribute – both very appreciated: 1) a one-time donation or 2) a monthly subscription. Whatever you decide, even if you’re not able to contribute, we love you madly and we appreciate all your support!


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Dear Jazz on the Tube Member,

This website is a labor of love.

We, at Jazz on the Tube, put our time and energy into this jazz video and info directory because we love this music.

From the emails that we receive, it is clear that you love this music too.

Some of the emails we receive tell stories of times spent with jazz legends, others tell of musical careers, and, still others have asked us, “How can I support this awesome program?”

Well, contributions are one way.

If you would like to support the work that we do, this is your opportunity to give a donation for this absolutely free service that is our way of keeping jazz alive.

You can also show your support by sharing our content with your friends via social media, email, or word or mouth and we greatly appreciate that too.

Thank you,

Lester Perkins, Ken McCarthy

P.S. Sorry, but contributions are not tax deductible. Setting that up and dealing with the special bookkeeping and annual filings would add to 10% to our our very lean operating costs and we’d rather spend the money on the music!