07/15– 07/21: Jazz on the Tube Weekly Review

Monday, July 15, 2019

Jazz Birthdays: Philly Joe Jones, Joe Harriott

* Philly Joe Jones

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/drum-solo-with-joe/

* Joe Harriott

NEW – Ethel Ennis “Lover Man – 1986”

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/lover-man-1986/

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jazz Birthdays: Cal Tjader, Teddy Buckner, Nat Pierce, Bola Sete

* Cal Tjader

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/soul-sauce/

* Teddy Buckner

* Bola SeteRead more

Ornette in Amarillo

We’re following up on our special program “Ornette: Deep from the Heart of Texas” with Dave Oliphant

We go even further down this fascinating rabbit hole.

When Ornette was 19 (1949), he had an extended gig in Amarillo, Texas where he regularly jammed “after hours” with a legendary avant-garde hillbilly steel guitar player.

The history of American music is richer … Read more

Nosotros La Musica

Made in 1964 and loosely translates to “We Are the Music”

Written and directed by Rogelio Paris (1936-2016)

This film was his first major project and he made it when only 28.

Paris worked as a documentary maker at the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and was also a permanent professor of Filmmaking at the Faculty of Cinema, Radio and Television … Read more

Documentary – “Raíces (Bomba y Plena)”

Produced by Paradiso Films; written, edited and directed by Paloma Suau; and funded by Banco Popular in 2001.

Filmed in Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico North (aka El Bronx)

A beautiful mix of historic and contemporary footage paying homage to the Bomba and Plena.

Starring: Marc Anthony, Jose Feliciano, Danny Rivera, Ismael Rivera Jr, and more.

In Spanish, but … Read more

Ornette – Deep from the Heart of Texas

Download the mp3 here

Avant-garde genius or one of many Master Musicians who sprung from the earth of one of the most fertile musical cradles the world has ever seen?

Of course, Ornette is both.

In this unique podcast we focus on what others have ignored: How Ornette comes straight from the big open musical heart of Texas.

Move over … Read more