Cuba suffered a terrible blow

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Hurricane Irma batters already struggling Cuban economy

The strongest storm to strike Cuba in more than 80 years ravaged infrastructure throughout the country, collapsing the power grid and damaging crops after it slammed ashore late Friday. In the keys along the northern coast, it battered beach resorts popular with … Read more

Osain del Monte by Abbilona

A stage performance by the group Abbilona of a piece called “Osain del Monte.”

The drums they are playing are called Batá.

There are four major African cultural and spiritual influences alive and thriving in Cuba today: Palo (Congo), Abakuá (from the Carabalí), Arará (from Dahomey, now Benin), and Regla de Ocaha, also called La Regla de Ifá or Lucumi, … Read more

Camilo Moreira from Cuba in the Bronx with Bobby Sanabria
(Camilo Moreira de Cuba en el Bronx con Bobby Sanabria)


Download the mp3 here

Restoring the Bronx-Cuba Music Connection

August 2017, Jazz on the Tube brought Havana jazz educator Camilo Moreira to New York City and the Bronx to experience US jazz and meet his Latin jazz “uncles” and “cousins” in the U.S. first hand for the first time. (Camilo has been up before but always with … Read more

Mike Amadeo of Casa Amadeo

You can find Casa Amadeo at:

86 Prospect Ave,
Bronx, NY 10455
(718) 328-6896

Subway, two ways:

6 Train to Longwood Avenue (6 blocks from Southern Boulveard)
2 to 5 to Jackson Avenue (north on Westchester Avenue)

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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Ray Santos – Big Band Master

A Bronx Tale…

A Nuyorican, Ray Santos grew up next to a synagogue where he marveled at the sounds of the cantor, listened to Machito on the kitchen radio, and was bowled over the first time he heard Coleman Hawkins’ “Body and Soul” on a friend’s record player.

Meet the man who put the big band sound in Afro-Cuban music.… Read more