Every record store in the world

Not every great musician and group has been recorded.

But even for those who have, there’s at least as much great stuff hidden away in record company vaults (or lost) that never made it into a commercially available product.

There’s another “music gap” and that’s the vinyl recordings that never made it to CD, or if they did are hard, … Read more

11/20 ā€“ 11/26: Jazz on the Tube Weekly Review

Monday, November 20, 2017

NEW – Juan Tizol: “With Harry James in 1956”
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/31709.html

Remembering Ben Riley (1933-2017)
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/31727.html

Remembering Mel Martin
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/31728.html

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coleman Hawkins Day
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/25228.html

Coleman Hawkins – “Disorder at the Border”
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/25182.html

NEW – Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters: “1974”
Video link: http://www.jazzonthetube.com/page/31711.htmlRead more

Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars

The deeper you dive into Cuban music, the more amazing it reveals itself to be.

Sometimes I have to ask myself is Cuba a country ā€“ or an alternate universe?

How can such a small country – with less people than Ohio – generate so much musical accomplishment?

Notice: I don’t day “talent.”

Talent is a dime a dozen. Realization … Read more

The “secret” of Cuban music

The members of the group Los Terry talk about two things:

1. The musical instrument the chekere

2. The training that master musicians in Cuba receive which is unique in the world

Tell me where else on the planet musicians master classical music, local popular music, indigenous music, religious music and jazz.

There’s a reason Cubans have had such a … Read more

The new Cuba travel policy

Good news and bad news about the new travel policy for Cuba. (As of November 10, 2017)

Iā€™m going to quote the Washington Post on the changes. As is often the case, you have to read the fine print to know what the real deal is.

Make sure you read the second paragraph carefully.

The most significant change under the

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