Can U.S. citizens travel to Cuba legally as individuals?


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I am not a lawyer. I am not pretending to be a lawyer. I am not selling, offering or giving away legal advice.

Check everything I say with your own research, common sense, and your own attorney.

Travel journalists and tour companies which charge $300 to $500+ a day for $100 worth … Read more

More with David Amram

David Amram, Pete Seeger and Dizzy Gillespie


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“Decían que yo no venía y aquí usted me ve” (They said I wasn’t coming and here you see me!)
– Benny More

In 1977, David Amram visited Cuba for his first and only time with Dizzy Gillepsie, Stan Getz, and Earl “Fatha” Hines.

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David Amram and Jazz on the Tube head to Cuba

The album that resulted from Amram’s
last trip to Cuba over 40 years ago


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40 years later David Amram returns to Cuba….

In 1977, the Carter administration gave permission to a group of US jazz musicians to travel to Cuba the first such trip in the fifteen years after the Revolution there.

Dizzy Gillespie, … Read more

Cuba with Jazz on the Tube

How to get there? Is it expensive?

It’s easy to get to Cuba. Just get on a plane. There are scheduled flights everyday out of places like New York City and Miami.

Is travel in Cuba expensive?

Yes and no.

If you go with a packaged tour or use the “normal” travel industry, yes. Cuba is no bargain. Budget at … Read more

The new Cuba travel policy

Good news and bad news about the new travel policy for Cuba. (As of November 10, 2017)

I’m going to quote the Washington Post on the changes. As is often the case, you have to read the fine print to know what the real deal is.

Make sure you read the second paragraph carefully.

The most significant change under the

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