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Cuba is not just another country with music.

It’s nothing less than the Mother Ship of Afro-Latin music.

With its habanera, danzon, son, rumba, cha-cha-cha, timba and mambo forms, Cuba has been as important to world music as the United States has been with its blues, jazz and rock and roll.

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Latin Jazz Camp

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Directed by Bobby Sanabria, the Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp is a project of the Cleveland-based Roberto Ocasio Foundation.

Bobby Sanabria talks with jazz on the Tube about a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for young people between Grades 8 and 12.

The camp is chance for aspiring young musicians to be exposed to professional-level training in one … Read more

In the workshop with Don Caly

The story of Cuban music is also the story of the Havana-New York connection.

And look, you can’t talk about New York without talking about the beautiful Bronx.

And you can’t talk about the Bronx without talking about the beautiful Puerto Rican community and its incalculable contribution to American music.

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All about the bongo

Bobby Sanabria tells the story of the bongo.

This archetypal Cuban instrument was developed in Oriente, eastern Cuba.

Understanding a little about it will explode your appreciation of Cuban music exponentially.

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– Ken McCarthy
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Going deeper into Changüí

Last week we dropped in on a Changüí party in Oriente (eastern Cuba.)

We witnessed a friendly and sincere dispute between a young rapper from Havana and a Changüisero.

Today we go back to the music and learn how Changüí lyrics are improvised and why there’s more to it than meets the eye.

– Ken McCarthy
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