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Cuba is not just another country with music.

It’s nothing less than the Mother Ship of Afro-Latin music.

With its habanera, danzon, son, rumba, cha-cha-cha, timba and mambo forms, Cuba has been as important to world music as the United States has been with its blues, jazz and rock and roll.

But getting information about the Cuban jazz scene is … Read more

Steve Coleman and

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For further study:

More information about Steve Coleman is available at including a detailed biography, upcoming gigs and projects, music (which you can download for free), scores, essays and interviews.

Steve’s essay on Charlie Parker is must reading.

You can register here for free at and watch the trailer for … Read more

Central Park at the Bandshell 1972

New York City has a large Puerto Rican population.

At the time of this recording, the community was under attack in ways that are scarcely imaginable today.

In the Bronx, scores of blocks of housing and businesses had been taken by eminent domain and destroyed to make room for highways; essential city services like police and fire department were withdrawn; … Read more

Bobby Sanabria, Latin Jazz and Our Beloved Bronx

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I say OUR beloved Bronx because the Bronx is a cultural treasure that all Americans can be proud of.

In this wide ranging and fascinating conversation, Bobby Sanabria talks about the state of jazz education, the historic and ongoing contribution to jazz by Latin music and musicians, and the history of the Bronx, one of … Read more

Jazz in Cuba Calendar – February 20 to February 26, 2017


Corner Cafe (Calle B / 1ra y 3ra, Vedado)

Monday, February 20:
Jamm Session (every Monday)


Fábrica De Arte Cubano (Calle 26 Entre 11 Y 13, Vedado)



Jazz Café (Paseo Y Primra, Vedado)

Monday, February 20:
César López & Habana Ensemble

Tuesday, February 21:
Ruy López Nussa

Wednesday, February 22:

Thursday, February 23:

Friday, Read more