Mamady Keïta

We talk about Afro-Cuban music so we thought for a change of pace we’d play some music from the continent of Africa itself.

The artist is Mamady Keïta (b. 1950) who is from the West African nation of Guinea which is southeast of Senegal and Gambia and southwest of Mali, a real cultural sweet spot on the earth. He’s a … Read more

Cuba Insight – Join the list

Cuba is not just another country with music.

It’s nothing less than the Mother Ship of Afro-Latin music.

With its habanera, danzon, changüí, son, son montuno, rumba, mambo, cha-cha-cha, timba, and wide variety of Afro-Cuban spiritual musical forms, Cuba has been as important to the music of the world as the United States has been with its blues, jazz, rock … Read more

Tito can dance!

In case you ever wondered, Tito Puente can dance!

Tito at the at Latin NY Music Awards at the Beacon Theater in the 1970s.

The video is a little rough in places and the audio gets very low half way through, but the dancing just gets better!

And the music is smoking hot.

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube… Read more

La Familia Valera Miranda

Does the street scene look familiar?

It should. Santiago de Cuba (and Havana) were the architectural models for New Orleans.

New Orleans is far more Cuban in look than French. (Havana administered New Orleans when the Spanish controlled it during the important formative years between 1763 until 1803.)

In 1793, 30,000 French growers, refugees from the slave rebellion in Haiti, … Read more

Nosotros La Musica

Made in 1964 and loosely translates to “We Are the Music”

Written and directed by Rogelio Paris (1936-2016)

This film was his first major project and he made it when only 28.

Paris worked as a documentary maker at the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and was also a permanent professor of Filmmaking at the Faculty of Cinema, Radio and Television … Read more