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Allycatz Live Jazz Bar

Street address: 2409 Yonge St.
City: Toronto, ON M4P2E7 Canada
Phone number: (416) 481-6865/(647) 977-4194

Black Swan Tavern

Street address: 154 Danforth Ave
City: Toronto, ON M4K 1N1 Canada
Phone number: (416) 469-0537

Blue Chair Café

Street address: 9624 76 Ave NW
City: Edmonton, AB T6C, Canada
Phone number: +1 780-989-2861

Bloom Restaurant

Street address: 2315 Bloor St. W. (Bloor West Village)
City: Toronto, ON M6S 1P1, Canada
Phone number: (416) 767-1315

Cameron House

Street address: 408 Queen Street W.
City: Toronto, ON M5V2A7, Canada
Phone number: (416) 703-0811

Chalkers Pub Billiards & Bistro

Street address: 247 Marlee Ave.
City: North York, ON M6B 4B8, Canada
Phone number: (416) 789-2531

El Mocambo Tavern

Street address: 4464 Spadina Ave.
City: Toronto, ON M5T 2G8, Canada
Phone number: (416) 968-2001/(416) 777-1777

Ellington’s Music & Cafe

Street address: 805 St. Clair W.
City: Toronto, ON M6C 1B9, Canada
Phone number: (416) 652-9111

Green Dolphin Restaurant

Street address: 1405 Queen St W
City: Toronto, ON M6K 1M3, Canada
Phone number: (416) 588-7355

Gate 43

Street address: 403 Roncesvalles Avenue
City: Toronto, ON M6R 2N1, Canada
Phone number: (416) 588-2930

Hermann’s Jazz Club

Street address: 753 View Street
City: Victoria, BC, V8W 1J9, Canada
Phone number: (250) 388-9166

Home Smith Jazz Bar

Street address: 21 Old Mill Road
City: VToronto, Ontario, M8X 1G5, Canada
Phone number: (416) 236 2641/(866) 653-6455

House of Jazz

Street address: 2060 Aylmer
City: Montréal, Qc. H3A 2E3, Canada
Phone number: (514) 842-8656

Hush’s Room

Street address: 2261 Dundas St W. at Roncesvalles Ave.
City: Toronto, ON M6R, Canada
Phone number: (416) 531-6604

Imperial Pub Tavern

Street address: 54 Dundas St. E. (2 Blocks East of Yonge)
City: Toronto, ON M5B 1C7, Canada
Phone number: (416) 977-4667

Jazz Bistro

Street address: 251 Victoria Street
City: Toronto, Ontario M5B 1T8, Canada
Phone number: 416.363.5299

Kama Classical Indian Cuisine

Street address: 214 King St W
City: Toronto, ON M5H 3S6, Canada
Phone number: (416) 599-5262

Lula Lounge

Street address: 1585 Dundas Street W.
City: Toronto, ON M6J 1T9, Canada
Phone number: (416) 588-0307

Mezzeta Cafe Restaurant

Street address: 681 Saint Clair Avenue W
City: Toronto, Ontario M6C 1A7, Canada
Phone number: (416) 658-5687


Street address: 1 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
City: Montréal, QC H2Y 1Y6, Canada
Phone number: (514) 287-9582

N’awlins Jazz Bar

Street address: 299 King St. W
City: Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J5, Canada
Phone number: (416) 595-1958

Pat’s Pub & Brewhouse

Street address: 403 East Hastings St.
City: Vancouver, BC V6A 3X1, Canada
Phone number: 604.255.4301

Pantage Martini Bar & Lounge

Street address: 200 Victoria St.
City: Toronto ON M5B1V8, Canada
Phone number: (416) 362-1777

Reservoir Lounge

Street address: 52 Wellington St. E.
City: Toronto ON M5E1C7, Canada
Phone number: (416) 955-0887

Revival Bar

Street address: 783 College St.
City: Toronto ON M6G1C5, Canada
Phone number: (416) 535-7888


Street address: 1496 Yonge St.
City: Toronto, ON M4T 1Z6, Canada
Phone number: (416) 968-9315

Silver Dollar Room

Street address: 486 Spadina Ave.
City: Toronto ON M5S2H1, Canada
Phone number: (416) 763-9139/(416) 975-0909

The Basement

Street address: 202 4 Ave N
City: Saskatoon SK S7K 0K1, Canada
Phone number: +1 306-683-2277

The Jazz Room

Street address: Heuther Hotel, 59 King Street North
City: Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2X2, Canada
Phone number: +1 226-476-1565

The Orbit Room

Street address: 580A College Street (Upstairs)
City: Toronto, Ont M6G 1B3, Canada
Phone number: (416) 535- 0613

The Paddock

Street address: 178 Bathurst St.
City: Toronto, ON M5V 2R4, Canada
Phone number: (416) 504-9997

The Pilot

Street address: 22 Cumberland St.
City: Toronto, ON M4W 1J5, Canada
Phone number: (416) 923-5716

The Press Club

Street address: 850 Dundas St.W.
City: Toronto, ON M6J 1V5, Canada
Phone number: (416) 364-7183

The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar

Street address: 194 Queen St. West
City: Toronto, ON M5V1Z1, Canada
Phone number: 416.598.2475

The Vernon Jazz

Street address: 3000 – 31st St.
City: Vernon, BC V1T 5H7, Canada
Phone number: (855) 868-7333

Upstairs Jazz

Street address: 1254 Mackay Street
City: Montereal, QC H3G 2H4, Canada
Phone number: 514 931 6808

Yardbird Suite.

Street address: 11 Tommy Banks Way
City: Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2M2, Canada
Phone number: (780) 432-0428


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