Tata Güines (Federico Aristides Soto)

One of the highlights of my March 2016 trip to Cuba was visiting the small city of Güines, a major historical center of Cuba’s sugar industry, 50 kilometers southeast of Havana.

The city center has a beautiful town square and many handsome private homes and is the birthplace of not one but two Cuban music legends: Tata Güines and Arsenio … Read more

The Bomba and Plena of the South Bronx

Filmed October 9, 2016 at La Casita de Chema
If you can’t make it to Cuba, but you can make it to the Bronx…

At Jazz on the Tube we focus on Cuba, but the Caribbean is full of musical treasure islands: Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and that’s just scratching the surface.

One place is particularly important to … Read more

Jane Bunnett’s Cuban Odyssey

Download the mp3 here

Ken talks with jazz veterans Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer about their musical odyssey in Cuba which began over 30 years ago in 1982.

You will not find North Americans anywhere who have a deeper connection with the island, its music and its musicians.

If you’re at all interested in Cuba and its music, … Read more

The Cuba-American music connection

Ned Sublette, author of the landmark book “Cuba and Its Music,” tells the story of the long running communication between the musicians of Cuba and the musicians of the United States.

It’s a lot deeper and older than many people realize.

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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At the root of Cuban music is the culture Africans created to adapt, survive and thrive in the brutal circumstances they found themselves in the New World.

One of these Afro-Cuban spiritual systems is Abakuá.

Like everything African and Afro-Cuban, it’s not just music, it’s not just dance, it’s not just a religious service.

This event was filmed in 2008 … Read more