Master vibraphonist Victor Mendoza

The mambo is a Cuban invention that got a huge boost in Mexico in the 1950s.

Here’s a contemporary Mexican artist, master vibraphonist Victor Mendoza doing a tribute to the Mambo Kings.

He has performed and taught around the world and earned recognitions and awards from multiple organizations, including Latin Beat, Modern Drummer, Jazziz, and the Smithsonian.

Jazziz magazine described … Read more

Machito y Ramoncito

Centro Habana

August, 2014

More great stuff from the atticchris YouTube channel.

I love the way this guy captures the music.

Sweet and simple.

– Ken McCarthy
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More rumba

There is a simple solution to all life’s problems: More rumba

Roman Diaz, Pedrito Martinez, Mauricio Herrera, Clemente, and Sebastian Nickoll en la casa de

Was this filmed in Havana Norte (New York City) or Havana proper?

It turns out not to matter!

But if you’re looking for clues, that nifty basketball hoop for kids is unlikely to be … Read more

Adonis Panter Caleron & Adonis Jr.

Another wonderful video from the atticchris YouTube channel.

Adonis Panter Caleron taking his son Adonis Jr. through the paces.

The title is:

Tocando y Enseñando – La Herencia
Un Momento Familiar

Playing and learning – The Heritage
A family moment.

The world can go to hell in a hand basket, but as long as this continues, all will be right … Read more

The secret of the Buena Vista Social Club

he ORIGINAL plan for what became the Buena Vista Social Club was a summit between musicians from Cuba and Mali.

The financing for Mali musicians was derailed sat the last minute so they couldn’t make the gig.

Finally, years later, the summit took place and here’s a taste.

Eliades Ochoa, Cuban singer/guitarist
Bassekou Kouyate (ngoni)
Djelimady Tounkara (electric guitar)
Toumani … Read more