Havana: March 2017 – Taking it to the streets

Not all the music in Cuba is in formal venues.

A few blocks from where I was staying I came across this band.

They got together to accompany an outdoor basketball tournament taking place in in public park.

In the last video the guys identify themselves and the name of the band.

A Saturday morning surprise on Calle 23 in Read more

Havana: March 2017 – Fiesta del Tambor

If you’re looking for a great time to visit Havana, keep your eyes open for the Fiesta del Tambor which takes place every March.

This festival literally offers more music at more locations than any mere mortal could possibly absorb.

I focused on three of the five venues, all of which are relatively close to each other: The Riviera Hotel … Read more

Bobby Sanabria, Latin Jazz and Our Beloved Bronx

Download the mp3 here

I say OUR beloved Bronx because the Bronx is a cultural treasure that all Americans can be proud of.

In this wide ranging and fascinating conversation, Bobby Sanabria talks about the state of jazz education, the historic and ongoing contribution to jazz by Latin music and musicians, and the history of the Bronx, one … Read more

Latin Jazz is Booming. Look Beyond the Grammys to Find It.

Giovanni Russonello shines a light on two things we’ve been writing about a lot in recent years:

The sublime pleasures of Latin Jazz and the incredible new generation of players and composers who merit a lot more attention than they are currently getting.

This appeared in today’s (February 11, 2017) New York Times:

  • Latin Jazz is Booming. Look Beyond the

  • Read more

    The Cuban adventures of Steve Coleman

    Steve Coleman in Matanzas (2017) with members of Rumba Timba. The group is made up of some of the younger members of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. Luis Cancino Morales on the bells.

    2016 marked Steve Coleman’s 20th year of exploring and playing in Cuba.

    It all started with Coleman’s interest in the philosophical underpinnings of music and how complex … Read more