You’ve got to hand it to any band that can present a positive, upbeat image and get it up on the screen in 2021.

PALO! “La Habana Buena”. Song written by Leslie Cartaya, Roly Rivero and Steve Roitstein. Leslie Cartaya, lead vocal; Raymer Olalde, timbales; Ed Calle, sax; Philbert Armenteros, congas; Steve Roitstein, keyboards and arrangement. Produced by Steve Roitstein. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Phil Colodetti. Tres loop by Jose Elias. More info:

Mas (2017)


PALO! “Agua Pa’ Los Santos” featuring guest artists Pedrito Martinez (lead vocals, batá); Roman Diaz (prayer poem, batá, chekere) and Descemer Bueno (lead vocal). Leslie Cartaya, lead vocal; Philbert Armenteros, lead vocal, batá; Ed Calle, sax; Raymer Olalde, timbales; Steve Roitstein, keyboards & beats. Produced by Steve Roitstein. Co-produced by Bobby Macuen. Edited by Sam Tapia. Filmed by Ralf Gonzalez (DP), Jose Iglesias, Andres Ramirez, Agape Lataillade and Joe Cardona. Leslie Cartaya’s concert look: Yas Gonzalez. Filmed and recorded at Brown University, Providence, RI. Special thanks to Richard Snyder for facilitating this project. Search for “Ivy League Rumba” to watch the complete documentary behind this song. Drum loops: Lee Levin. Guitar loops: Dan Warner. More info:


Mambísimo Big Band
New Yor-Uba (1984)