The Jazz Cruise and more



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There are many ways to enjoy jazz: on record (or CD), on the radio, at a club, at a festival.

On this call we talk with producer Michael Lazaroff about what is possibly the most glorious way to enjoy jazz mankind has ever created: on a cruise.

Michael’s company Entertainment Cruise Production … Read more

Tom Cunniffe:


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Singer, writer, and educator Tom Cunniffe was part of the legendary and unfortunately now-defunct

He’s captured the spirit of that site and put his own unique twist on it with a unique approach to reviewing the music and shining a light on some of the great music of the past that deserves a … Read more

Milcho Leviev – East to West to Back Again


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Milcho’s Official website: Bio and more info

Pianist and composer Milcho Leviev was born and raised in Bulgaria in 1937 which means he had the experience of World War II, the Soviet invasion, and a long dictatorship as a child and young man.

Milcho is part of a wave of supremely accomplished musicians … Read more

Bruce Conforth and the real Robert Johnson


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Musician, educator and historian Bruce Conforth introduces us to the real Robert Johnson.

Far from the one-dimensional “native genius” he is often portrayed as, Robert Johnson was a well read, well traveled, versatile artist whose genius was no accident.

Dead at the age of 26, in his short life Johnson’s art left an indelible … Read more

Frank Malloy IV and Soulevate

From South Carolina to Ghana to New York City, Frank Malloy IV and his family have been on a remarkable journey.

After inspiring trips to Ghana, Frank’s parents founded the Harambee Dance Company in Charleston, South Carolina and later brought it to New York City.

Frank, in addition to being a West African Drumming instructor for United Palace of Creative … Read more