Jazz from Detroit!

Interview with Mark Stryker

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Jazz on the Tube interviews Mark Stryker, author of the book “Jazz from Detroit.”

I put an exclamation point on this one.


Because if you don’t know the Detroit jazz story, it’s going to shock you.

But don’t take it from me…

“There is no other city like Detroit: the musicians, … Read more

St. Louis – City of Gabriels

Interview with Dennis Owsley

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Ken McCarthy’s Jazz on the Tune talks with author and veteran jazz DJ Dennis Owsley about this favorite subject: The great jazz city of St. Louis.

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1. Tom Turpin – St. Louis Rag (1903) – (00:00)
2. Charles Creath – Buttefinger Blues (1927) – (02:50)
3. … Read more

The Boston Chronicles – Richard Vacca

Interview with Richard Vacca

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Looking for a great vacation where you can dig a lot of jazz?

How about New York, New Orleans, Chicago…or Boston.


Yes, Boston.

A thriving local scene with deep historical roots, amazing schools (Berklee and New England Conservatory of Music), plus the “Boston-New York Pipeline.” Richard Vacca takes us by the … Read more

Remembering Eddie Durham with Topsy Durham

Recollections with Eddie’s daughter Topsy

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Jazz on the Tube is declaring 2020 the “Year of Eddie Durham.”

If you don’t know Eddie Durham (1906-1987), buckle your seat belts. He’s one the the secret sources of the music we call jazz.

Take Eddie out of the equation and a whole lot of things that made jazz jazz … Read more

Jazz secrets revealed

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Some essential gems of jazz history hidden in an obscure book I came across about about jazz in Kansas City

The book is built around dozens of great musicians who lived through its Golden Age telling the story…in their own words.

Some of the diamonds I uncovered:

* The essential differences between New Orleans, Chicago, and … Read more