Forgotten Tenor: A Tribute to Saxophonist Wardell Gray

Interview with Abraham Ravett

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Ken McCarthy’s Jazz on the Tube interviews filmmaker Abraham Ravett about his film “Forgotten Tenor: A Tribute to Tenor Saxophonist Wardell Gray.”

Tenor saxophone giant Wardell Gray was born February 13, 1921, in Oklahoma City. OK. He was a graduate of the Cass Technical High School, a Detroit school that also lists … Read more

Vic Hobson and the roots of Louis Armstrong’s music

Interview with Vic Hobson

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Louis Armstrong was a genius – no doubt about that.

But there’s no such thing as a genius in a vacuum.

For some strange reason, the culture and community that gave birth to Louis Armstrong is given short shrift is accounts of his life and art.

In his autobiography and in interviews, … Read more

Interview with David Oliphant about Texan Jazz

Interview with David Oliphant

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Trumpeter, singer, composer McKinley Howard “Kenny” Durham, born August 30, 1924 in Fairfield, Texas. One of the few films of his work. For a unique “discography” of his work, see Oliphant’s biography-poem KD: A Jazz Biography

Books by Dave Oliphant

Book: Texan Jazz

Book: Jazz Mavericks of the Lone State State

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12 Street Rag – The evolution of jazz in a single tune

Inspired by Chapter One (pgs. 28-34) of Texan Jazz by Dave Oliphant

Composer Euday Bowman (1915)
Born November 9, 1887, Fort Worth, Texas

Louis Armstrong – Recorded 1927

Benny Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra – Recorded 1927

Duke Ellington – 1931

Fats Waller – Recorded 1935

Count Basie with Lester Young – Recorded 1939

Andy Kirk featuring Mary Lou Read more

Sonny Rollins Meditating on a Riff

Interview with Hugh Wyatt

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Hugh Wyatt was part of the group that put the legendary New York radio station WBLS on the air and saved the Apollo Theater.

For nearly thirty years, he wrote and edited for New York Daily News.

And he’s enjoyed a long friendship with Sonny Rollins,

In this landmark book, Hugh not … Read more