Howard Mandel and Jazz Journalism

Interview with Howard Mandel of the Jazz Journalists Association

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A lot goes into the creation of our “jazz world.”

First come the musicians. Equally necessary is the audience. Also included is everyone who contributes to the creation and education of the audience – and that’s where our jazz journalists come in.

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The best kept secret in jazz – Puerto Rico’s master musicians


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Click here: The emergency in Puerto Rico is not over: How to help

Jazz on the Tube interviews music journalist Tomás Peña.

Peña is editor of and co-editor/contributing writer to the Latin Jazz Network. He also writes the monthly column “The Latin Side of Hot House” for Hot House Magazine.

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Bruce Conforth and the real Robert Johnson


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Musician, educator and historian Bruce Conforth introduces us to the real Robert Johnson.

Far from the one-dimensional “native genius” he is often portrayed as, Robert Johnson was a well read, well traveled, versatile artist whose genius was no accident.

Dead at the age of 26, in his short life Johnson’s art left an indelible … Read more

Jazz on the Tube returns to New Orleans

Jazz poet Chuck Perkins and Jazz on the Tube's Ken McCarthy

New Orleans poet Chuck Perkins and Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy

After the 2005 levee collapses (don’t call it “Katrina”), Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy started visiting New Orleans.

After a few week-long visits here and there, he started spending nearly half of every year there, arriving in December and leaving after Jazzfest.

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Interview with NC Heikin, director of “The Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story”

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NC called in from the set of “Boss” where Episode #8 was being filmed.

“The Sound of Redemption” was conceived and co-produced by novelist and jazz fan Michael Connelly

The film is openning in NYC on December 2, 2015 and in LA on December 18, Read more