West Side Story Reimagined

Interview with Bobby Sanabria

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What do you get when you combine Broadway’s most complex score from one of America’s greatest and most jazz-friendly composers with some of New York’s finest musicians and most imaginative arrangers playing for one of the world’s hippest jazz orchestras?

“West Side Story Reimagined” by Bobby Sanabria’s Multiverse Big Band.

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The future of the Jazz on the Tube Podcast

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Highlights of our first 50 programs

The Jazz on the Tube podcast just hit an important milestone.

We did our 50th program last week.

This week’s program reviews some of the highlights of the last 50 shows.

It’s time to take a breather…

While we’re taking a break, you can do two things.

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Judy Carmichael – Jazz Inspired

Interview with Judy Carmichael

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Part One of our conversation with Judy Carmichael

Pianist, singer, song writer, author, producer – and host of the best jazz interview show on the radio (and the Internet): Jazz Inspired.

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– Ken McCarthy
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Al Jackson – Telling the truth about Louis Armstrong

Interview with Al Jackson

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Test your knowledge of jazz history

True or false

#1 – Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 not July 1, 1900 as he and his mother said – and there is conclusive documentary evidence that establishes the August 4th date.Read more

Jack Sullivan – New Orleans Remix

Interview with Jack Sullivan

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With the critical role it played in the origins of jazz, R & B and early rock and roll, and funk, New Orleans can rightly stake a claim for being the country’s most important musical hotbed.  

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