John Ernesto and Berks Jazz Fest

Interview with John Ernesto of Berks Jazz Fest

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Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy interviews John Ernesto of Berks Jazz Fest.

Berks is a world class, community-supported jazz festival that takes place every spring in southeastern Pennsylvania. One commentator has called it the “biggest jazz festival in the world.” 

With over 100 performances … Read more

Louis Marks and Ropeadope Records

Interview with Louis Marks

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Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy interviews Louis Marks of Ropeadope Records, an artist-friendly, jazz-friendly label in “East Philly” that’s blazing new trails in the art and science of connecting musicians with audiences via recorded music.

Louis and Ken discuss one of the label’s recent projects, a self-produced masterpiece by … Read more

Darren Hoffman – Tradition is a Temple


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It’s clear that there’s no place like New Orleans – but why is that so?

In spite of all its material challenges, culture, community, and tradition lives there.

We talk with director/musician/producer Darren Hoffman about the making of this marvelous film.

We also talk about this music work with New Orleans drumming master Shannon … Read more

The Jazz Cruise and more

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There are many ways to enjoy jazz: on record (or CD), on the radio, at a club, at a festival.

On this call we talk with producer Michael Lazaroff about what is possibly the most glorious way to enjoy jazz mankind has ever created: on a cruise.

Michael’s company Entertainment Cruise … Read more

Exploring the Soundscape: Cuba and Beyond with Verna Gillis

If you’re interested in world music, you probably have experienced the impact of Verna Gillis’s work.

From 1972 to 1978 she recorded music in Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Surinam, and Ghana.

Twenty-five of her recordings have been released by Smithsonian Folkways and Lyrichord.

In 1979, she opened Soundscape in New York City, long before … Read more