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Audio and Video References in the Book

John Swenson

(1) The Making of Glen David Andrews’ “Walking Through Heaven’s Gate.” 

(2) Helen Hill Funeral.

(3) Dinneral Shavers in the 2006 Big Nine parade. 

(4) Glen David Andrews at the “Silence Is Violence rally” at City Hall, New Orleans. (2007).

Bonus Videos:

(5) Smokey Johnson and Bob French talk about New Orleans drummers. At the Ponderosa Stomp. (2008).

(6) “Farewell Spotted Cat – The Shout.” 

(7) “Defending the Mardi Gras Indians.” 

(8) “Eddie Bo at the Sound Café.” (2008) 

(9) “Aurora Nealand at the Spotted Cat.” (Fall 2006) 

Glen David Andrews

(1) Glen David Andrews at the “Silence Is Violence rally” at City Hall, New Orleans. (2007).

(2) Glen David Andrews, “Easter Sunday Parking Lot Jam.” (2009) Filmed by Ken McCarthy.

(3) The Making of Glen David Andrews’ “Walking Through Heaven’s Gate.” 

Ronald Lewis

“Chuck Perkins interviews Ronald Lewis.”

Part one

Part two

Roger Lewis

Jazz on the Tube: Roger Lewis and the Good News from New Orleans

Ornette Coleman

(1) Jazz on the Tube: Ken and Ornette Talk About New Orleans

(2) Jazz on the Tube: Complete ‘Remembering Ornette’ Collection

(3) Podcast: Marble, Matt. The Black Hawk Chant – Mothers Leafy Anderson and Catherine Seals. Secret Sound.

(4) Podcast: Mother Catherine Seals And The Temple Of The Innocent Blood

(5) Podcast: The Legendary Lasties. TriPod: New Orleans at 300

(6) Podcast: TriPod Xtras: Herlin Riley And Joe Lastie. TriPod: New Orleans at 300

The Katrina Myth.

Chuck Perkins

(1) Lil’ Liza Jane – Live at Chickie Wah Wah.

(2) We Ain’t Dead Yet.

(3) Congo Square.

(4) Chuck Perkins in Liverpool and Manchester.

(5) English Poet Grevel Lindop in New Orleans

New Orleans Musicians Clinic

Video appeal Ken made for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic (2010).

Recommended Reading, Listening, and Viewing

Music and Poetry

Perkins, Chuck. A Lovesong For NOLA. 2012


Tradition Is a Temple. A film by Darren Hoffman (2013).

The City of a Million Dreams. A film by Jason Berry (2019).


(1) Swenson, John. New Atlantis, Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans. 

(2) Lewis, Ronald. The House of Dance & Feathers.

(3) Sullivan, Jack. New Orleans Remix.

(4) Smtih, Michael. Spirit World: Pattern in the Expressive Folk Culture of New Orleans. 

(5) Rosenthal, Sandy. Words Whispered in Water. 

(6) Berry, Jason. Up from the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans Music Since World War II.

(7) Berry, Jason. The Spirit of Black Hawk: A Mystery of Africans and Indians.

(8) Berry, Jason. City of a Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans at Year 300.

(9) Kennedy, Al. Chord Changes on the Chalkboard: How Public School Teachers Shaped Jazz and the Music of New Orleans.

– Ken McCarthy
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Arturo O'Farrill
Dominique Bianco

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