In a previous post, I wrote about Mike Ellis, the social worker from Ithaca, NY who went to New Orleans in December of 2005 to provide counseling to victims of the twin hurricanes and the levee failures.

An interview with him about his experiences can be found by searching this site for “Mike Ellis.”

Since 2005, Mike and other Ithacans have founded a group called

They’re representative of the tens of thousands of outsiders who have contributed their skills, time, money and intelligence to helping New Orleans and the Gulf Coast cope and recover from one of the greatest social catastrophes ever to hit the United States.

When you get discouraged by the epic viciousness and incompetence of the officials who control the tax resources of the United States, remember there is a second force that’s working for good and is a much better representative of the American (and human) character.

The group is guided by this stament from Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I’d still plant my apple tree.”

For more information, click here: Love Knows No Bounds

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