Bruce Conforth and the real Robert Johnson


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Musician, educator and historian Bruce Conforth introduces us to the real Robert Johnson.

Far from the one-dimensional “native genius” he is often portrayed as, Robert Johnson was a well read, well traveled, versatile artist whose genius was no accident.

Dead at the age of 26, in his short life Johnson’s art left an indelible mark … Read more

Frank Malloy IV and Soulevate

From South Carolina to Ghana to New York City, Frank Malloy IV and his family have been on a remarkable journey.

After inspiring trips to Ghana, Frank’s parents founded the Harambee Dance Company in Charleston, South Carolina and later brought it to New York City.

Frank, in addition to being a West African Drumming instructor for United Palace of Creative … Read more

Exploring the Soundscape: Cuba and Beyond with Verna Gillis

If you’re interested in world music, you probably have experienced the impact of Verna Gillis’s work.

From 1972 to 1978 she recorded music in Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Surinam, and Ghana.

Twenty-five of her recordings have been released by Smithsonian Folkways and Lyrichord.

In 1979, she opened Soundscape in New York City, long before … Read more

Horns to Havana


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Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy talks with Jana La Sorte, managing director of Horns to Havana.

This wonderful organization brings much needed musical instruments to Cuba and arranges education and exchange programs for young Cuba musicians.

For more information, click here: Horns to Havana

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

P.S. Our … Read more

Interview with Matt Geraghty of Trade Winds

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How is this for a cool project?

New York-based composer and bassist Matt Geraghty, Brazilian producer and saxophonist Zé Luis, and filmmaker/director Laura Newman are visiting major music hubs on the old trade routes – New York, New Orleans, San Juan, Cuba (and soon Brazil and … Read more