Kosa’s Cuban Percussion Summit last weekend was off-the-hook.

I hope everyone who had a chance to participate did.

We’ll be unpacking this one for a long time…maybe a lifetime.

So many gems.

One of the many gems was a guest appearance by Walfredo de los Reyes Sr. who shared the history of this track with us.

The master drummer hipped us to this track and shared his memories of a particularly rich time in Cuban music history, the 1930s to the 1950s.

Here’s the line up and discography info:

Cuban All Stars (A.K.A.) Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba
Album Title: Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba.
GEMA: 1124. Recorded in 1957.
Song Title: Special De Bebo – Descarga.
Author: Bebo Valdez.
Piano: Bebo Valdes.
Trombone: Tojo Gimenez.
Bass: Cachaito.
Tumbadora: Tata Guines.
Bebo Valdes: Piano.
Cachaito: Bass .
Edilberto Scrich: Alto sax.
Emilio Penalver: Tenor Sax.
Negro Vivar: Trumpet.
Osvaldo Penalver: Alto Sax.
Peruchin Justiz: Piano.
Richard Egues: Flute.
Senen Suarez: Electric Guitar.
Tata Guines: Tumbadora.
Tojo Gimenez: Trombone.
Urfe : Bass.
Walfredito De Los Reyes: Bateria.

More about Walfredo Reyes Sr. (with his son Daniel).

– Ken McCarthy
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