A lot of people talk about the connections between New Orleans and Cuba.

They are deep and real.

Havana actually ran New Orleans when the place was owned by the Spanish 1762 to 1803 and built big parts of the “French” Quarter.)

Anyway, the history is undeniable and so are the “look and feel” similarities of the two places (and they are even stronger in Santiago de Cuba on the islands eastern Haitian-facing side.)

But the devil is in the details.

What’s the modern MUSICAL link?

Jon Cleary shares a little known connection between Professor Longhair and Perez Prado.

“Fes” is Professor Longhair and Professor Longhair is one of a small handful of innovators who can be credited with laying down the roots of rock and roll and funk for that matter.

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– Ken McCarthy
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Master vibraphonist Victor Mendoza
The new generation

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