Filmed June 1, 2013 at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco

The jam (“descarga”) is based on Cachao’s “Las Boinas.”

The Cuba-based band Havana D´Primera is led by Cienfuegos-born trumpet player Alexander Abreu.

Back home, this very popular band is known for its “Timba” music, a combination of salsa, American funk/R&B, and the strong influence of Afro-Cuban folkloric music.



Alexander Abreu – leader, vocals, trumpet
Tony Rodríguez – piano
Avis Tobías – bass
Harold Díaz Escobar – teclado
Keisel Jiménez – drums/percussion
Guillermo del Toro Varela – drums/percussion
Mauricio Gutiérrez Upman – drums/percussion
Amaury Pérez Rodríguez – trombone
Jannier Rodríguez – coro
Enrique Luis Pérez – coro
Rogelio Nápoles – guitar
Uyuni Martínez Romero – trumpet
Orlando Jesús Vázquez – trumpet
Angel Batule – sound engineer

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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