I’ve been working on a script for a new video call “Exposing the Katrina Myth.”

So many myths, so little time…

Seriously though, it only boils down to five big ones. One of them is that New Orleans is somehow in the “wrong” place and should be “moved.”

Only in George Bush’s Amerika, could idiocy that profound make it to the airwaves, but is did and a lot of people believe it.

Well, when they’re moving New Orleans, maybe they could get a package deal on moving New York City (EVERY subway and tunnel is below sea level), London and the entire country of Holland.

London is in quite a pickle, but they’re actually doing something about it. Compare their 21st century flood country to the crap the Army Corps and its band of crooked contractors throws up.


NoLa Rising defined and defended
Helen Gillet, Musician’s Village, New Orleans