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In the dark years after the failure of the US Army Corps of Engineers levees (don’t call it Katrina), Jazz on the Tube produced a few hundred short articles in support of New Orleans. We also shot a lot of original video.

Unfortunately, hackers destroyed most of this site while we were focused on other matters and much of this priceless archival work was lost.

We’re in the process of trying to reconstruct it, a laborious and expensive process.

What we have been able to salvage so far were notes about our “Manchester Loves New Orleans” Project. The goal was to stimulate musical and artistic exchanges between the UK’s hippest music city and New Orleans.

The two cities have strong historical connections. If you throw Liverpool into the mix, the case can be made that modern pop music was invented by a collaboration between these two places.

– Ken McCarthy

Manchester/New Orleans Mashup

Inspired by the sights and sounds and moves and grooves of New Orleans and the Manchester sound, a product of the American South via the electronic music innovations from the brothers in Detroit and Chicago.  Thanks to videographers Hubie Vigreaux, Ken McCarthy, and...

Glenn David Andrews parking lot jam

One of our favorite New Orleans people. A deeply passionate person, he loves the city, the people and the music. This was a “one off” jam in the parking lot of a school on Easter Sunday “The Making of ‘Walking Through Heaven’s Gate’” This film was made by Lily Keber and funded by FoodMusicJustice  […]

Eddie Bo

So many moments of unexpected magic in New Orleans. One night walking passed the Sound Cafe I came across this performance and who should be on piano but the legendary music master Eddie Bo. This was one of his last filmed performances. Eddie Bo at the Louisiana Music...

The Manchester Connection

 New Orleans Chuck Perkins helped me host Grevel Lindop on this trip to New Orleans in 2008. Grevel returned the favor by hosting him in Manchester and arranging him to be part of Manchester's big poetry festival.  This led to him performing at London's...

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