A lot of things jumped out at me at the alternative arts show in New Orleans earlier this year, but one thing that really grabbed me was a booth by the Goodchildren Carnival Club.

“We’re starting a new parade (really?) and it’s going to go along St. Claude on Easter (wow!)” The name Goodchildren comes from an old New Orleans street name.

Supported by local small businesses, the organizers paid the necessary fees and insurance and were ready on Easter Day.

When Lily Keber and I arrived at starting time, we weren’t sure if there’d be a quorum of marchers, but sure enough the group reached critical mass and began wending its way from the staging area on Poland to St. Claude.

The next question: Would St. Claude be receptive? You can see the answer in this short film.

The birth of a new parade

Lily shot. I edited with her help.

Click here for more about the Goodchildren Carnival Club

We shot this one with a real camera and edited it on Final Cut Pro. The whole process including shooting, transfers, edits and encoding took about ten hours total. We moved fast.

Lily made “Hutto” a film about a notorious prison for immigrant families in Texas with Matt Gossage. Click here for more info: Hutto

Justice for New Orleans?
New Orleans photography

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