Quotes from a 7/20/07 New York Times article about formaldehyde-laden FEMA trailers provided to evacuees :

“We were not formaldehyde experts.”

– R. David Paulison. FEMA Adminstrator.

“Do not initiate any testing until we give the O.K. Once you get results the clock starts running on our duty to respond to them.”

– Unnamed FEMA lawyer sent this e-mail in response to concerns expressed by field staff about toxic levels of formaldehyde reported in FEMA trailers.

“What we have is indifference to the suffering of people who are already suffering because of Hurricane Katrina (note: actually the federal levee failures), and this from an agency that’s supposed to serve the public.”

– Represenative Henry A. Waxman, D- California

House Blessing in New Orleans
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