We all know about Stephan Grappelli and Django Rheinhardt who fronted one of the best jazz groups of all time “The Hot Club of France.”

Most are also aware of the important role France played in providing a supportive environment to jazz musicians from Sidney Bechet to Ornette Coleman.

Less well known is the French contribution to the American song book.

This weekend Montreal musician and writer Caroline Vezina, an expert on this subject, will be staying at FoodMusicJustice headquarters, as she makes her first visit to New Orleans, well-timed to coincide with this weekend’s French Quarter Fest.

Bienvenue Caroline!

This video, shot last week at the Palm Court, features Tom Santcon who returned last August to live and perform in New Orleans after a 40 year absence.

Not the best video I ever shot. It starts off good and then well…you’ll see.

Still the music is excellent.


Donald Harrison Jr.
Uncle Lionel Batiste

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