Greenola – cheesy name, inspired idea and one of the main New Orleans initiatives of Brad Pitt who moved to the city earlier this year in a much-admired act of solidarity with the city.

What is Greenola?

Ecological, sustainable, low cost, innovative architectural design for rebuilding the housing of the Gulf Coast.

There was a competition for best design and Pitt served as the jury chair and patron giving the program massive media, and therefore, political clout. Ground broke last week in the Holy Cross neighborhood.

The winner: Workshop/APD.

The winning submission: a plannned community made up of five single-family homes, an 18-unit apartment building, a daycare facility and a community center built on 50 acres (half a hectare or 5,000 square meters.)

Here are the contest submissions…

Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club Parade Info
Divine Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club

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