Paul Gailiunas writes: For my poor, sweet wife, fix New Orleans.

“My wife — my lovely wife, and the most interesting, original, beautiful, funny person I have ever known — was murdered in New Orleans Jan. 4. A stranger invaded our home and attacked us, and in the space of a few moments, her life ended violently…

Helen believed deeply, at the core of her being, in the equality and dignity of all people. She took part in Eracism meetings, the progressive Gillespie Community Breakfasts and political rallies to help bring back New Orleans in the most fair and inclusive way.

Together, we brought free meals to poor and homeless people with the local Food Not Bombs group. We welcomed our neighbors into our home, African-American, Honduran and white, the neighborhood kids and the elderly. Helen deeply desired to share our love and good fortune with others.

I am writing to you, all the citizens of New Orleans, to ask you two things…”

Video from the jazz funeral of Helen Hill in New Orleans: jazz funeral video

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