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A short list of some of the master musicians who passed in 2015

A jazz on the Tube playlist

1. Ornette Coleman (born 1930) – Lonely Woman
2. Harold Ousley (born 1929) – Paris Sunday
3. Phil Woods (born 1931) – Senor Blues
4. Gunther Schuller (on Miles Davis recording) (born 1925) – Moon Dreams
5. Smokey Johnson (born 1936) – It Ain’t My Fault
6. Jerome Cooper Quintet (born 1946) – Moments
7. Bo Dollis (born 1944) – Shoo Fly
8. BB King (born 1925) – Why I Sing The Blues
9. Allen Toussaint (born 1938) – Southern Nights

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– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

P.S. At the end of every year, we put together a short (and frankly incomplete) playlist to honor some of the giants who passed in the previous year.

It’s a bittersweet project.

Sorrow at the loss of such great souls…Joy in the appreciation of what beautiful gifts they made to all of us with their lives.

Join Jazz on the Tube fans around the world in celebrating and honoring these great artists – and please share the link.


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