Criminally negligent homicide AKA mass murder in New Orleans

Greg Palast is one of the finest US journalists working today which means, of course, he can’t find a job in the US so he writes for UK publications and makes his own films.

Some people believe levees in New Orleans were blown to clear black neighborhoods for development. The simple truth is far more sinister:

The levees were built like crap, the Army Corps of Engineers knew it and – note carefully – the federal government sat on the information they had about the levee collapses for twelve long hours before disclosing it to state and local authorities. Why?

Ask Bush’s spinmaster Karl Rove.

He closely stage-managed every aspect of the White House response down to and including launching smear campaigns against Louisiana’s governor in the days immediately after the levee breaks.

Is it possible that post-levee collapse chaos was actually cultivated deliberately to draw attention away from one basic, undeniable fact, that the destruction of New Orleans was caused not by Katrina, but by the failure of the federal levee system?

Based on what we know about the Bush administration, you tell me.

Excerpts from the Greg Palast film “Big Easy to Big Empty”…

Buy the video direct from Greg. Info at the end of the video:

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