The deeper you dive into Cuban music, the more amazing it reveals itself to be.

Sometimes I have to ask myself is Cuba a country – or an alternate universe?

How can such a small country – with less people than Ohio – generate so much musical accomplishment?

Notice: I don’t day “talent.”

Talent is a dime a dozen. Realization of talent is the thing that matters.

It takes dedication and relentless study – and a higher moral purpose – to turn raw musical talent into accomplishment the way the Cuban people have.

Here’s an example of all the various threads of Cuban music brought together on one stage: reverence for classical music, immersion in Afro-Cuban rhythms, affection for popular genres, and hip-as-hell jazz sensibilities.

Who is this flute playing musical visionary dressed in white?

Meet: Orlando Valle, aka Maraca. Enjoy and Viva Cuba!

How about another one? The small unit works out on “Manteca”

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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