Citizens take up burden of storm relief

“Andrew Jack reports from the capital on how help from individuals for the victims is in sharp contrast to the response from the ruling regime.

…Ordinary citizens are taking up the task of providing relief to the regions worst effected by the storm.

Resigned to the government’s inability to safeguard it’s own citizens, a disparate network of individuals, businesses, and religious groups are braving their own hardships to organize convoys of supplies, food and medicine to send to the delta.

…Private relief appeared to outnumber official aid operations.”

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?


But this happens to be a description that appeared in today’s’ Financial Times of the current state of affairs in Burma, a bottom-of-the-economic-barrel Third World country run by a group of power mad psychopaths.

What’s Washington’s excuse?

New Orleans? Part Two
More harassment of backstreet culture

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