Here’s another program I pulled off New Orleans public access.

This one features Lawrence Schall, president of Oglethorpe University, who describes his school’s wide-ranging long term commitment to rebuilding New Orleans.

Recorded in January 10, 2007 (not 2006 as the caption states.)

My working method

To make these videos, I shoot the TV screen with a $95 video camera (sans tripod), encode the videos to MP4 and then upload to YouTube. To save time, I’m not worrying too much about editing.

Is this the optimal way to do this? Obviously not, but anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly today. It can always be improved upon later.

If anyone knows how to: 1) increase the audio volume and/or 2) get rid of the strange video artifacts at the beginning of each program, let me know. Thanks. (See my contact info in the right column of the blog.)

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