Pedro Nolasco Jústiz Rodríguez, better known as Peruchín (January 31, 1913 – December 24, 1977)

We don’t seem to have any video of him so we’ll have to content ourselves with these three cuts.

Pa Gozar, La Mulata Rumbera, Redención

Note: On “La Mulata Rumbera”: Con Pedro Peruchín Jústiz, Orlando Cachaito López, Guillermo Barreto, Gustavo Tamayo, Yeyito Iglesias, Tata Güines

Some of the pianist influenced by Peruchín include Charlie Palmieri, George Shearing, Eddie Palmieri, Papo Lucca, Chucho Valdés and Alfredo “Sabor” Linares. Famed pianist Bebo Valdés was his disciple.

He was the greatest pianist in Cuban music, and there were some very good pianists around in those days: Lilí Martínez, Jesús López, Lino Frías. But what Peruchín could do in one phrase was without equal. And what he did harmonically, rhythmically, was so modern. He was 30, 40 years ahead of his time. Every important Latin pianist I know … has copied or been influenced by him.
– Paquito Hechavarría, 1995

– Ken McCarthy
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