North America’s other fleur-de-lis city…I come here whenever I can…It’s five hours up the North Way by car.

I think New Orleaneans would feel very at home here…great food, lots of live music, very friendly people…sensual, inclusive, compassionate and all those good things…they know how to live.

New Orleans was actually founded by a Montrealer…and the one Montreal friend who came to visit me in New Orleans last winter loved it.

A typical Montreal event today…

Spain won a big soccer match and the Spanish residents of the city went wild and took over St. Lawrence which is a main thoroughfare for a spontaneous street party…no problem…the cops just rerouted traffic…

(Note to self: Gotta go to Spain. My cousin Frank who was in the merchant marine and has literally seen every port on the world, answered without hesitation when I asked him what was the best place he ever visited: “Spain!”)


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