It’s St. Patrick’s Day. One of my favorite days of the year.

Last week, I said that, Lord willing, I’d be in New Orleans for it this year. I guess he wasn’t willing. Thursday night a friend wrote telling me she cancelled her trip back east because of the big storm. “What big storm?” Then I looked at the weather news.

But hope spring eternal.

At 4 PM yesterday, my friend Bettina was driving me to the train station to get to the city to get to the plane to get to New Orleans. We were going at about 5 mph and if it wasn’t a total white out, it was a near one. Common sense prevailed and we turned around and headed back to Tivoli and sure enough as soon as I got back and checked the Internet, the flight had been cancelled.

Next year…

Meanwhile, click here to see St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans.

Dave Bartholomew We built the house
9th Ward Marching Band

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