First, it was a rumor, then it became a “conspiracy theory,” now the story appears documented in State Farms own internal e-mails.

The insurer shopped around and then pressured engineers to get reports that would reduce their liabilities in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after the 2005 hurricanes and levee failures.

Some engineers were asked in writing to “change the wording” of their reports and local engineers were avoided as contractors altogether because they were deemed “too emotional.”

I imagine I’d be emotional too if one of the US’s biggest insurance companies which has collected billions of dollars in premiums over the years was engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast out of the money they’re entitled to to rebuild.

Here’s a case where I think capital punishment for the people involved – right up to the CEO – might be have a moral justification.

Details from the Washington Post

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