Last night’s Krewe D’Etat Parade in New Orleans spoofed the spectacularly corrupt US Army Corps of Engineers

A professor of civil engineering at the University of Californian called the New Orleans levee failures “the worst engineering failure since Chernobyl.”

But apparently it doesn’t matter. A judge ruled today that the Corps is not liable for claims against it for damage created by the failure of its shoddily built levee system.

There is still some question if this immunity applies to navigable waterways as well as flood protection systems.

In any event, here’s how other countries (like Holland, Italy and the UK) deal with the fact of life that they have major population centers sited below sea level:

Click this link for pictures: America – The Disgraceful

Muses Parade New Orleans Mardi Gras 2008
krewe de vieux 2008 – the parade