The organization is called and it’s headquartered in France, Pierrefitte to be exact, just north of Paris.

Their work focuses on Santiago de Cuba.

Over the years, they’ve assembled a treasure trove of Afro-Cuban music video and have been adding to their YouTube archive for ten years. Diving into it ought to keep you busy (and warm) all winter – and beyond.

Their complete video archive organized by category is here: Ritma Cuba

If you want to read the descriptions that accompany the videos (they’re all in French), you can use this instant translation service from Google. It’s pretty good for a machine translation and it’s free

Click here to translate French to English

Great news!

You can now watch this video – and all Spanish language videos – with English subtitles. It’s free!

Click here for instructions on how to turn on English subtitles.

– Ken McCarthy
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Kiki Valera Son Cubano lives
FOLI - (there is no movement without rhythm)

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