We’re already getting a some major press for “The Katrina Myth.”

This came as the result of the sneak preview at the Rising Tide blogging conference last weekend.

Click here for the review from the Guardian (UK):

The Guardian reviews “The Katrina Myth”

In the meantime, my heart goes out to all New Orleanians who are currently being terrorized by the weather news and the realization that the levee problems have nowhere near been corrected.

If you can make it to the premiere tonight, great. If not, I certainly understand.

Three cheers for Sandy Rosenthal of levees.org for keeping up the fight.

We didn’t have the runtime in the video to make a dedication, but if we had, we would have dedicated “The Katrina Myth” to her. No one has done more to fight against the Katrina myth and for the future of New Orleans than her.

Info on the premiere of “The Katrina Myth”

The Katrina Myth: Watch it now
The Katrina Myth – Help bust it once and for all

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