Before you get your knickers in knot that “this isn’t jazz”, keep in mind that very, very, very few great jazz musicians started out playing jazz.

However, many started their musical “careers” as surprisingly young children, often playing with their families.

It’s a missing chapter of what I call Jazz Reality History.

We don’t have footage of Louis Armstrong singing with his quartet on street corners (his description: “the best boy group in New Orleans.”)

We don’t have a recording of Lester Young playing drums in his father’s band…or Eddie Durham playing with his brothers in San Marcos, Texas…or Charlie Haden singing on the Haden Family Radio Hour at the age of two.

So we have to use our imaginations.

Meanwhile, thanks to the magic of consumer video and Youtube we can get a glimpse of what this magic is like in real life.

By the way, in case they didn’t teach you in school – and they probably didn’t – music is love.

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– Ken McCarthy
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