01/14 – 01/20: Jazz on the Tube Weekly Review

Monday, January 14, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Grady Tate, Allen Toussaint, Billy Butterfield, Kenny Wheeler

* Grady Tate

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/the-jumpin-blues/

* Allen Toussaint

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/southern-nights/

* Billy Butterfield

* Kenny Wheeler

Remembering Alvin Fielder (1935-2019)

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/remembering-alvin-fielder/

Remembering Joseph Jarman (1937-2019)

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/remembering-joseph-jarman/

Tuesday, January 15, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Gene Krupa, Baikida Carroll

* Gene Krupa

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/sing-sing-sing-with-a-swing/

* Baikida Carroll

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/shadows-and-reflections/

Martin Luther King Day

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/martin-luther-king-day/

Wednesday, January 16, 2018

Gene Krupa: “The Brush Drum Solo”

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/the-brush-drum-solo/

Brothers in bop

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/my-little-suede-shoes/

Thursday, January 17, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Big Sid Catlett, Cedar Walton, Billy Harper,, Cyrus Chestnut

* Big Sid Catlett

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/boy-what-a-girl/

* Cedar Walton

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/bolivia-it-dont-mean-a-thing/

* Billy Harper

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/blues-to-senegal/

* Cyrus Chestnut

Timeless All Stars – Invitation

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/invitation/

Friday, January 18, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Al Foster, Steve Grossman

* Al Foster

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/drum-solo/

* Steve Grossman

NEW – Miles Davis on his first gig with Bird

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/miles-davis-first-gig-with-bird/

Monk, beautifully done

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/ask-me-now/

Saturday, January 19, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Horace Parlan, Israel Crosby

* Horace Parlan

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/love-and-peace/

* Israel Crosby

Jackie McLean Quintet: “Blues Inn”

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/blues-inn/

Sunday, January 20, 2018

Jazz Birthdays: Jimmy Cobb, Ray Anthony, Jeff “Tain” Watts

* Jimmy Cobb

Video link: https://jazzonthetube.com/video/on-the-trail/

* Ray Anthony

* Jeff “Tain” Watts

Dizzy, Dizzy, Dizzy