We will list your live-stream events on this site.

Note: This site is ONLY for musicians who are actively live-streaming during the current pandemic.

To list you we need the following information:

1. The name of group or artist

2. Day and time of performance with time zone

3. The link to the site where you are streaming from (the more specific the better)

4. A link to how people can pay you (optional)

5. A link to your merchandise store (optional)

We will check the info you send and if all the links work, we make a page for you and add it to our calendar which is promoted to a list of over 30,000 active email subscriber jazz fans.

If the info you send it not complete, too vague to be useful or the links don’t work, out of courtesy to our readers we will not add it to the calendar so kindly please take care that the information you send is complete and accurate.

We’re as stretched as anyone else is right now so please take care with your submission. We don’t have customer service resources to apply to this free service.

Here’s a way to conceive of this…

Streaming video rent parties for pay

Totally legit.

Fans pay for concert tickets, CDs, and cover charges, why not streaming? They just need to be educated which is what we’re doing.

But please, send us ready-to-go projects only.

Not plans, speculations, incomplete or inaccurate information, videos of performances recorded pre-pandemic or press releases please. Thanks.

Write to jazzonthetube.com@gmail.com

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

P.S. Our unique programming is made possible by help from people like you. Learn how you can contribute to our efforts here: Support Jazz on the Tube

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Glen David Andrews streaming from New Orleans
The secret of the Buena Vista Social Club

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