It’s a new world at Jazz on the Tube starting today January 15, 2018 (and we didn’t pick this day randomly.)

Earlier this year we asked our supporting subscribers if they would like:

1. A bigger video screen size and

2. To receive less email but the same number of video choices – with many more new videos

67% said YES – make the change
22% said NO – keep things the way they are
11% said “Heck, I don’t know”

Based on this we’ve been quietly making big changes to the site and now we’re ready to show them to you.

How will things change?

Instead of getting different birthday emails throughout the day, you’ll get ONE email with all the birthdays of the day and all the birthday links in it. Less mail in your mailbox, but all the videos you’re used to. (We mail that email at 9 AM eastern)

Then we’ll mail ONE featured video of the day ten hours later (We send that email at 7 PM Eastern.)

The second video of the day will be mostly BRAND NEW selections, things you’ve never seen on Jazz on the Tube before – or music so good, we can’t share it just once.

Of course, we might slip in an extra mailing now and then if there is important news, but now there will be a whole lot less in your mailbox with a whole lot more new music. (We will be mailing the “non” mailing every day for a while still.)

I hope you like the new look and the new mailing schedule. As we come into our tenth year, we felt the music deserves a better look than something I sketched on the back of an envelope ten years ago. 

As always, thanks for your support

Thanks to you tens of thousands of people all over the world who are experiencing jazz in a whole new way. 

    – Ken McCarthy

P.S. It’s free to you, but not free to us. Supporting subscribers make this unique service and all the other things we do to support jazz possible. 

P.P.S. If you’re like me and don’t like new interfaces (!), rest assured, the old site with everything on it is being maintained. Just go to the upper menu bar on any video page and click on “Legacy Site” and you will be whisked back to the old site. 

P.P.S. Did I mention that all this costs money? Your support is needed and welcome.

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