The year: 1980 (I think)
Location: Princeton, NJ

I brought Arthur Rhames to Princeton, NY to perform with Stanley Jordan.

Stanley was 20 years old (as was I.) Arthur was 22.

Rhames on tenor. Jordan on guitar. Jimmy Allington on drums. Dan Krimm on bass. I don’t hear him on this, but Gary Monheit was on keyboards.

Jimmy had the presence of mind to drop a tape in the soundboard and I’ve been praying that someday it would turn up.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, here it is.

More about the late, great Arthur Rhames (October 25, 1957 – December 27, 1989) who was a triple threat on reeds, guitar and piano.

Another clip from the concert

The black and white photos of young Arthur and Stanley were taken at the concert by Beth Cummins who introduced me to Arthur.

– Ken McCarthy
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