Musical Time Travel

Jazz on the Tube’s Ken McCarthy talks about a unique way to think about and enjoy music.

The example he gives in the second half of the video comes from a presentation by Lionel Leinwand at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn.

Lionel’s website is here:

The Jalopy Theater and School of Music website is here:

The complete presentation

This is a talk I gave about something we can all do to appreciate music even more deeply.

Then I give an example of this approach in action in the hands of an inspired educator/performer.

The example happens to come from a genre called “Barrelhouse Blues,” which had its flowering about 100 years ago in the South among African-American youth.

But this approach to music appreciation can be adapted to any genre to good effect. It just takes a little imagination.

It will make a lot more sense when you experience it firsthand.

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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