I was privileged – and privileged is the only word I can think of – to experience the music of Dinerral Shavers, snare drummer, composer, educator and community leader.

On December 17, 2006, a friend and I joined the Big Nine Social and Pleasure Club Second Line and marched alongside the Hot 8 Brass Band. On my way to the event, on a whim, I grabbed two disposable video cameras and we each shot short clips having no idea we were documenting one of Shavers’ final public performances.

I do remember though clearly thinking throughout the entire march how much I loved what the drummer was doing and you can see and hear from these short, rough clips, he had that effect on everyone.

Pardon the poor video and shortness of the segments…

Dinneral Shavers – Rest in Peace – 1984-2007

Additional links:

The official Hot 8 Brass Band web site

MySpace Hot 8 Brass Band site – includes music files

Video featuring the Hot 8 Brass Band

Photos from Dinneral Shaver’s funeral

Here’s how you send a contribution to the family of Dinneral Shavers:

1. Call or write the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund

2. Specify that you want your contribution to go to the Dinneral Shavers Fund.

3. To contribute by phone, call: 1-800-957-4026

4. To contribute by mail, specify that the donation is for the Dinneral Shavers Fund and send your check to:

New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund
828 Royal Street #833
New Orleans, LA 70116

New Orleans Veterans for Peace
Ninth Ward Truth – At Last

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