Just got back from a community screening of “Faubourg Treme: The untold story of New Orleans.”

I expected it to be good. It was great.

The film brought the old Treme back to life and demonstrated that not only was in the birthplace of jazz (80% of the art forms earliest musicians lived in the neighborhood), it was also the birthplace of civil rights in the United States.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie.

If you’re looking for something positive to do, you could do worse than putting your support behind it

It’s finished. It’s excellent. And now the expense of getting it out into the world kicks in. Buy the DVD at the very least. Actually, buy a lot of them so your local libraries and schools have a copy.

This is not just a black New Orleans story, this is an essential AMERICAN story.

“In the Faubourg Tremé, the sit-ins began in the 1800s, the Harlem Renaissance started before the Civil War, and the roots of jazz music and Creole cuisine were being nurtured every Sunday in Congo Square”.
All the info about the movie is here: click here for Tremedoc.com

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