The people of New Orleans were kept captive in the city after the levee collapses.

It’s a shocking claim, but it’s absolutely true and well documented.

At any time after the levee collapses, people who made it to the Convention Center or the sports stadium could have walked out of the city.

Why didn’t they?

They were prevented at gunpoint and forced to stay behind without food, water, medical care, or public safety.
It’s a fact that have never been dealt with.

Two other inconvenient facts:

1. The federal government withheld information they had about the levee failures from local officials for twelve hours.

2. FEMA and Homeland Security scrapped a perfectly workable evacuation plan drawn up by experts and replaced it with a non-plan by a Bush supporter that cost the taxpayers $500,000 – and was never even drafted, let alone delivered.

The video proof is here: Brasscheck TV

Squandered heritage in New Orleans
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